Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fashion Secrets for the Professional

Important fashion tip is that your style should reflect a personal touch. Since we are talking about fashion trends for the working professional, make sure that you don't wear very sexy transparent clothing, or very casual clothing like a pair of shorts or jeans. Comfortable apparel is required at work. But make sure that your clothes, though maybe casual, are wrinkle free and smart. To get an idea about what fashion trend or fashion style to follow, see how your boss dresses up. The boss's apparel can give you good fashion ideas for yourself. Selecting the right kind of jewelry is equally important. Jangling jewelry is best avoided. Pearl jewelry, silver jewelry, copper jewelry or even leather jewelry can be worn as long as it is not highly attention grabbing. The handbags that ladies carry can make an important fashion statement. Designer handbags are okay for work, as long as they help you carry the image of an organized and efficient woman. Finally, I will add that basic cleanliness and hygiene are an integral part of a fashion conscious individual. Ensure that your body is clean and odor free. Make use of a good perfume, remember that it should have a pleasant, mild fragrance. Strong scents are best avoided at the workplace. Wear well polished and comfortable shoes. A good hair style makes an important fashion statement. Use an appropriate nail polish if so desired, but do ensure that you have well manicured nails.

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